Student Evaluations

Feedback from students submitted via end of course evaluations.

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Spring 2018 - POL 201: American National Government

  • "Love this course. It covered topics I was very passionate about learning and Professor Tuholski promoted a great classroom atmosphere that fostered critical thinking."
  • "The professor provided great feedback that both helped me improve my quality of work and challenged me to expand my knowledge beyond my preconceived notions about political parties."
  • "The instructor was very helpful."
  • "I really liked this course."
  • "There was so much information to take away from this course and I really enjoyed learning the many topics covered."
  • "I enjoyed the challenge of this class and learning lessons about politics."

Spring 2018 - POLI 330: Introduction to Political Science

  • “My professor was awesome. He did a great job interacting with the class and giving positive feedback. Considering that this class was going to be a challenge and out of my comfort zone, the professor was very encouraging and offered many different opportunities and learning styles. He was very engaged in the class and interactive and really seemed to care about his students and their success in learning."
  • "Instructor provided thought-stimulating discussion topics and encouraged further exploring of the subject."
  • "I had limited knowledge about political science prior to this class and the professor let it be known that that was okay. He encouraged us to have an open mind, trust ourselves, and be willing to learn. I was so scared and nervous at the beginning of this course, as were others. The fact that we have all been successful and have learned so much is outstanding. Even when I didn't understand a concept, he was there to offer encouragement and further assist me. He has been a perfect example of what a teacher should be and was never thoughtless or patronizing. I would not only recommend him to others, I plan on taking another course from him if possible."
  • "Always shows professionalism."
  • "He opened my non-political mind and I actually felt very knowledgeable about many political groups, wars, and decisions that have happened all over the world."
  • "Professor Tuholski was quite engaging in this class and related things to present day events. Topics were very informative and interesting, and students remained engaged as a direct result of instructor communication."
  • "All of the topics were interesting and the teacher had a way to make the hardest topic easier to debate and learn."
  • "I never thought I would like political science, but my professor encouraged me to do my best. He guided, supported, and inspired me."
  • "Our professor was very knowledgeable and helpful with the questions and answers provided. He gave great feedback and was able to help me understand his reasoning for grades."
  • "The class was informative and educational. I have learned a lot about politics and our government."

Spring 2018 - POL 201: American National Government

  • "I was never one for politics. I vote, but have never really looked into what is really going on behind the curtains. I have truly learned a great deal from this course."
  • "Professor Tuholski is fantastic. He helped me so much. No complaints about him. He made a challenging course fun and made it a life-changing experience."
  • "The subject matter can lead to some tricky discussions, but the instructor does his best to let everybody voice their opinions."
  • "This was a very interesting class. It made me look at politics in a different light."
  • "Thank you for all of your help!"
  • "The professor did a very good job. He is very kind and understanding."
  • "I enjoyed the class. It was outside of my interest, but I was able to learn and take an interest in our government."
  • "Interesting information provided during this class."
  • "I try not to get into politics because everyone has their own views about it. I just vote when I have to. However, this class has taught me a lot about certain things and opened my eyes."
  • "Professor Tuholski is awesome! I have never taken a class like this, nor do I follow politics, but he helped me understand it all."
  • "Prof. Tuholski was very personable and offered interesting and unique perspectives on U.S. politics."

Spring 2018 - POLI 330: Introduction to Political Science

  • “I would recommend this professor because I learned so much and have gained newfound respect for political science. The course provided unexpected self-discovery. I found out that my beliefs were not what I thought. I am more interested in the world around me and not just in my own home and community."
  • "I liked the professor that I had for this course---if it wasn't for the professor I don't think I would recommend it. He made you think and the questions that he used to guide us enhanced the conversation and helped learn the material. Also, he provided feedback to many of our comments."
  • "Great professor."
  • "It was a tough class. Much more than I expected, but it was very good and informative."
  • "I went into this class very pessimistic, as I am a vocal liberal. The professor asked questions that made me look at all sides of the issues, and I appreciated that."
  • "In other classes, I have only had to respond to the main topic and others on three separate days. In this class, I had to respond to two main topics and respond to others on separate days for both threads. It was very time consuming and each question required research in order to provide an adequate response. This was like taking two classes in one."
  • "Class was interesting and informative. The instructor was helpful and motivating."
  • "My professor made this class interesting."
  • "This class was amazing! The professor was quick to respond, really interactive with the threads, and kept the class going."
  • "Great instructor, great content, current, well-organized."
  • "I wouldn't necessarily recommend this subject because it's not my thing, but I would recommend Professor Tuholski to anyone."
  • "The professor was very engaged and challenged us to think outside the box."
  • "I learned so much. I had to work hard. I think I spent more time than the average student. According to my advisor, I should have spent about 9 hrs/wk, and I spent much more...but it was worth it!"

Fall 2017 - POL 634: Campaigns, Elections, and Strategic Messaging

  • “I enjoyed Prof. Tuholski. His assignments were interesting, fun, original, and engaging. He is the kind of professor that I hope to be."
  • "I liked the new format for the discussion boards."
  • "The instructor was incredible. You could tell he probably had a lot on his plate, but he did not let that stop him from responding to emails within 24 hours. The professor's comments were fair and helped me create a high-quality final paper."
  • "Prof. Tuholski is very responsive to questions/comments/grading assignments. You always know what is expected of you and if you have a question, he provides a concise answer."
  • "An effective instructor."

Fall 2017 - POL 201: American National Government

  • “I have truly enjoyed this course. I have learned so much about politics and how our government works. Prof. Tuholski did an amazing job at being supportive and engaging us to think deeper. I was very nervous to take this course but am so glad I did."
  • "Great class! Thank you, Professor Tuholski, for your guidance and instruction."
  • "Awesome class."
  • "As much as I do not like politics, I found this course to be interesting because I learned more about how the government really works and it made me think critically on each assignment."
  • "It has been an exciting class that opened my mind learning about U.S. government. Our instructor helped us in the class with many great examples and encouragement. Thank you, professor!"
  • "Great class!"

Fall 2017 - POLI 330: Introduction to Political Science

  • “The Professor was able to lead the conversation in our discussion and provided great resources to further understand the topics."
  • "The class was great. I learned a lot!"
  • "The course was very insightful and eye-opening."
  • "Professor Tuholski demonstrated that he wanted his students to learn politics on a basic level, however, he also opened the door for deeper discussions if students were interested. I really loved that detail."
  • "Excellent."
  • "The professor did a wonderful job of encouraging our participation. He was very responsive to questions."
  • "When I first started this class, I did not like it. Why am I taking a political science class? What do I have to do with politics? I quickly realized that you need to understand what is going on in our country and our government; so many actions have ties to politics. You need a minimum understanding!"
  • "The instructor was good. Fully professional and knowledgeable in what he teaches."
  • "Professor shows respect toward his students. If there are any questions, he answers them on time, he writes to communicate with the students, and he writes about each week so we can easily understand it."
  • "I didn't think I would enjoy the class as much as I did. When the class first started, I didn't really know much about political science and didn't pay much attention to what was going on. Now I pay more attention to the news and what is going on in the U.S. and other countries."
  • "I was very interested in what we learned in this class. I know this information will be helping me think more before deciding in an election next time."
  • "Professor Tuholski is great. His class makes you think."
  • "Professor was very helpful. Quick to respond. Showed interest in students."
  • "The course is excellent and the professor was very communicative with the class."
  • "The presentation of the material and the way the professor would word the questions to get everyone to participate made the class was fun and interesting."
  • "Instructor was informative and engaging."

Fall 2017 - POL 201: American National Government

  • “Prof. Tuholski was the nicest that I have had. He was very understanding and helpful for anything that I needed."
  • "It has been awhile since the I last time I studied American government. It was very interesting and the professor provided good feedback, especially when I started to doubt myself. Thank you, professor, for believing in me!"
  • "Great class with great discussions."
  • "I was pushed beyond normal limits in this class...and it was by far the best experience ever."
  • "I would recommend this instructor." 

Summer 2017 - POLI 330: Introduction to Political Science

  • “I feel that the professor is great and actually makes you use your brain and think outside the box. He does that by asking questions and has adequate material that is actually covered. He communicates in a timely manner and was willing to set up a time to speak on the phone to go over questions."
  • "Very informative."
  • "It was a great course...very well set-up and easy to follow along and understand."
  • "My professor did an amazing job at responding to emails right away and understanding when I did not understand something. I was never worried about being wrong on the discussion board because I knew that everyone was learning the same thing."
  • The professor was very clear in what we needed to do to succeed in the course. He answered questions in a timely manner and provided the necessary feedback. He interacted with students and made us think about the current issues that had to do with the lectures we were covering in class. He made me want to learn more about the issues in politics."
  • "Very informative and enjoyable."
  • "He was exceptional in covering the material. He got me engaged and made the course interesting. I enjoyed reading his feedback to my work because it shows how much work he put into correcting my work. Very attentive. I absolutely enjoyed his class!"

Summer 2017 - POL 632: Campaign Management

  • “Hands down, Prof. Tuholski is the best instructor I have had here at SNHU. Not only did he respond to questions quickly and know about the course material in-depth, but he also challenged us to go deeper in every topic. I learned a lot from this course because of his pushing us to learn more. He also provided great feedback so we knew exactly what we could improve upon. I would very easily sign up for another course led by him."
  • "The instructor is excellent and should probably be in a classroom full-time with students. His knowledge of the content, combined with is ability to provide relevant, constructive feedback has been leaps and bounds ahead of many of his peers. I believe that Dr. T would serve as an excellent thesis or dissertation adviser at any institution of higher learning."
  • "Prof. Tuholski did an excellent job with interactive comments on all short papers and Milestone assignments. He also kept me engaged during the discussion board posts, by not just providing follow-up questions, but also providing additional research to conduct from other sources of material."
  •  "The instructor was exceptionally engaged and congenial and provides specifics on what he wants students to change and research further and also shares interesting material students can choose to explore but do not have to. These qualities work well for me personally."                                        
  • "Really enjoyed him. He was active in the discussions, answered questions quickly, and gave detailed feedback. Really nothing more I could want. Would gladly sign up for a course if I saw him teaching it."

Spring 2017 - POL 634: Campaigns, Elections, and Strategic Messaging

  • “Professor Tuholski was outstanding and provided timely, detailed, relevant feedback on assignments. He was also quick and responsive to email questions. I hope I have the opportunity to have Professor Tuholski in a future course."
  • "The instructor was engaging and enthusiastic. He commented extensively on my papers. Most instructors don't give that much feedback, and I understood the comments. It was helpful as I learned how to cite my sources better."
  • "The instructor provided the most detailed and constructive feedback out of any of the instructors I have previously encountered here at SNHU. I am not implying that I have poor experiences with other instructors, I am simply stating that I felt as if Dr. Tuholski went above and behind my expectations."
  • "Professor Tuholski was very inspirational throughout the course. His guidance and patience is very appreciated. He makes you feel like you matter!"

Spring 2017 - POL 201: American National Government

  • “Very quick responses and always helpful!"
  • "Instructive, quick, engaging, and was quick to provide guidance as needed. Attempted to be extra engaging by posting responses containing audio feedback. I loved it! Very hands-on. Kudos."
  • "I would like to thank you for everything that I learned in your class. You were a source of inspiration for me. Your consistent academic challenge and thoughts were powerful. No doubt you know the stuff and more! Please accept my heartfelt thanks and gratitude and to my class. Someday in future, I wish to reach out to you for further mentoring."

Spring 2017 - POLI 330: Introduction to Political Science

  • “Professor Tuholski is an excellent instructor. He keeps us engaged in the class. You can really tell he enjoys what he does and gives excellent feedback. He is very thorough in his evaluation of our work."
  • "The course has broadened my scope of understanding with an instructor that is very engaging and very full of knowledge on the subject."
  • "The class was hard, but the instructor helped every time I was stuck."
  • "When I learned that I had to take this course, I hesitated due to the fact that I am a nurse, not a political scientist. After reading a couple of chapters for our lesson and the material that we had to post, I found the information very interesting. Professor Tuholski has the best video lectures that make you understand the subject matter."
  • "I very much liked this class, and Professor Tuholski was very supportive of individual opinions."
  • "I absolutely loved my professor, and the course interested me."
  • "I found this course to be extremely informative for my life not only in my education, but outside of it. I learned a lot about politics through this course and feel like I'm better equipped to make more informed decisions in the future regarding politics."
  • "Very interesting class. I learned a lot."
  • "I truly enjoyed the course and the assignments. The professor was very engaging and kept the discussions active and lively. He also graded everything in a timely manner."
  • "Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this class. It is a subject I never felt truly interested in, but Professor Tuholski really made this class interesting and fun to learn. I feel I know a lot more than when I first started. A lot more."

Fall 2016 - POL 201: American National Government

  • “Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this class. It helped me to follow our election process. I have truly learned a lot in this class. Our instructor really made me think."
  • "Mr. Tuholski was a great teacher, and because of his knowledge in the course I was able to better understand our American government."
  • "I enjoyed this class more than I expected!"
  • "This course expanded my knowledge of government."

Fall 2016 - POL 201: American National Government

  • “Instructor Tuholski has been an exemplary instructor. I would highly recommend him to another student. He is definitely an asset to the university."
  • "This course was challenging and I feel I have retained so much over the last month. I have to say that I was extremely impressed with Mr. Tuholski and his course. Great job!"
  • "I really enjoyed this class."
  • "He is very polite and active in our learning process."

Fall 2016 - POL 201: American National Government

  • “I loved the instructor for this course! I have been engaged the entire time, and feel that I learned a lot."
  • "Instructor Tuholski always includes extra material to preview and it helps me understand better than just the textbook."
  • "I learned a lot. Thanks!"
  • "The instructor was very helpful, especially with the election going on during class. He really helped me to understand how the government and our political system actually impact me."

Fall 2014 - COM 114: Fundamentals of Speech Communication

  •  “This professor was by far my favorite. He showed knowledge on all topics covered and made each class fun. He is very well prepared and I hope he continues being such an inspirational professor.”
  • “Mr. T was one of the best professors I've ever had. His lessons were engaging, his constructive criticism was always well thought-out, and he made the class a fun experience overall. However, he also knew when to be serious and I felt like I had learned a lot after I've taken the class.”
  • “Mr. T is very good at communicating with an effective teaching style. I hope that he continues to teach the way he did this semester. It was a delight to have him as an instructor.”
  • “Honestly, I don't have much to say to improve for Mr. T. He seems like the teacher that would want us to give him criticism to improve his class more rather than praise him for what he's done for us. I respect him a lot and I’m glad I was in his class.”

Fall 2014 - COM 114: Fundamentals of Speech Communication

  • “Mr. Tuholski is, hands-down, one of the best instructors I have ever come across. Mr. Tuholski is energetic, positive, fun, productive and reflects all of the good qualities in a great teacher. I have so much respect for him and I believe his talent in teaching will take him far. While the topic of the course isn't necessarily my favorite subject, Mr. Tuholski made this course a really fun experience.”
  • “Andrew was a very enthusiastic instructor who has a lot of energy even in the morning. His overwhelming energy also influenced the students, which is a very good thing. In this class I felt like my instructor graded my work fairly and awards people for their hard work. Even though I found this class difficult to me, I felt like my hard work is paying off in this class. The materials learned in class were also very pertinent to the quiz and the book. This allowed students to refer back to previous lectures to create a good outline and presentation.”
  •  “I was so nervous for our first presentation that I was fairly sure I was going to vomit. Now, toward the end of the course, I'm saddened to see them end. His tips were honest and critical, but they helped more than I ever thought they could.”
  • “Mr. Tuholski is an excellent speaker, teacher, and person in general. His zeal and enthusiasm for his job is apparent. He made the class enjoyable. This job is certainly his calling.”

Fall 2013 - POL 223: Introduction to Environmental Policy

  • “I really appreciated the balanced view of this class. This is a class that could very easily be one sided and end up attempting to indoctrinate instead of teaching. Andrew does a great job of being unbiased and avoiding that.”
  •  “Very clear syllabus. Helped students understand the course plan and what to expect.”
  • “Friendly and approachable. He communicated well with his students and the students found him very approachable.”
  •  “Made the class very interesting. Kept the students engaged in class discussions.”
  • “I really enjoyed the classroom discussions especially the mock simulation of the Kyoto Protocol.”
  •  “He makes sure that everyone gets some sort of say in the discussion; it is not just him talking at the class. He makes sure to engage us with the topic and chooses appropriate material for the course.”
  • “I really liked that you were enthusiastic about the course. I liked was the fact that you divided your course material into so many different things; there were articles to read, chapters, current events, and presentations. The broad range helped me to understand, more easily, the course material. I also got a chance to see the problems presented in different lights and views. Thank you, Andrew!”
  • “Not only was the class over the material itself, policy and the like, but the reasoning behind policy and why things are the way they are. Each assignment in the class was related to another, yet each assignment was quite varied.”